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We create beautiful and well executed projects.

TBA Studio designs around the best use and needs of a structure to render intrinsic value to a property. TBA Studio is made up of creative problem solvers. We craft functional requirements around the physical characteristics of a property to create a visible form out of an abstract idea. TBA visualizes design and communicates it, both verbally and in drawings, so that it can be built.

Enhancing investments. By keeping abreast of the latest construction materials and technologies, TBA Studio recommend materials and systems that fit your budget. We allow for best use of natural resources, cutting edge energy systems, and incorporate the newest technology into building structures. We also furnish a complete set of drawings and specify the materials going into the structure in such detail as to allow several contractors to submit competitive bids on the project.

Saving time. Construction is expedited through our careful planning and complete drawings and specifications. TBA Studios serves as your agent with the contractor, resolving disputes that may arise and analyzing additional costs the contractor proposes.

Contributing value. Through the entire process of design and/or reconstruction TBA Studios works as a planner, designer, mediator, coordinator, business administrator, and counselor.

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