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Blending Art and Science for Innovative Architecture Solutions

TBA Studio provides a full range of services of architectural planning and design that sees your vision through from conception to construction.

Our work is informed by a holistic approach that begins with the end in mind. Through an intensive information-gathering process, we develop solutions that balance clients’ priorities and budget with their project’s impact on the community. This approach is strengthened by a strong background in construction that helps us navigate around common construction challenges early in the architectural planning and design phase.

Our clients’ happiness is our priority.

In fact, your happiness is behind TBA Studio’s commitment to going above and beyond standard architectural services to bring architectural visions to life.

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Site Analysis

Site Analysis uncovers the best use of the property, governmental regulations, and architectural precedence. Key details from a good site analysis present you with many clues which add up to help you determine what architectural planning and design opportunities and challenges you can solve, leverage, and build upon. 

Conceptual Planning

Good planning is at the foundation of exceptional design. From long-term master planning to big-picture conceptual planning, we help clients pinpoint the critical details needed to move forward with architectural goals on their timeline, as budget allows. Our process depends upon a thorough understanding of the client’s goals in balance with site-specific information, community context, and architectural precedence.


Critical issues such as function, number and type of occupants, furnishings, equipment needs, community context, site setting, and budget considerations are identified and detailed. Programming also involves setting budget goals and detailed construction timelines. 

Architectural Design

TBA blends traditional artistry with modern technologies to craft intelligent design solutions that stand the test of time. Whether we’re developing detailed technical specifications, designing interiors that welcome and wow, or creating a cohesive approach to a multi-campus brand, we aim to create spaces that meet owners’ objectives and inspire occupants’ best performance.

FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)

TBA effectively integrates FF&E elements into the architectural planning and design, which enhances the overall functionality, aesthetics, and user experience each and every space, creating a harmonious and cohesive environment that fulfills each client’s vision and objectives.

Construction Administration

Our expertise in both the art and science of construction administration helps owners seamlessly move from design through construction and to a timely project handoff. We build close relationships with engineering and construction partners that helps us to minimize potential change orders and navigate unforeseeable challenges. Through this expert oversight, we represent owners in ensuring a quality project is delivered.


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