In the Community

Elevating Our Communities 

At TBA Studio, we take seriously our impact on the communities in which we live and work.

We believe that high-quality design must prioritize sustainability, embrace preservation, and include community impact within every site analysis. Our portfolio carries proof of this commitment to strengthening local communities. Our Louisiana architects have worked closely with civic leaders to create parks that serve as gathering spaces and to create affordable housing for our neighbors. We’ve delivered athletics facilities that drive valuable economic impact to their regions and brought a playful energy to engage students at K-12 schools. We’ve given new life to historic properties through award-winning designs. And that’s just the beginning of the good we hope to leave within our local communities. 

Serving as a Resource and a Partner

Our team’s community involvement extends to support of local governments through participation with regional Chambers of Commerce and economic development boards. We want to serve as a resource for improvement while better understanding the needs of the municipalities we serve.

TBA is also involved in national organizations that support our target markets and professional development. This engagement allows our Louisiana architects to better anticipate trends and end-user needs as they arise. On a local level, we support our clients with engagement through event sponsorships, our annual school Christmas card design competition, and other fun events.

Supporting The Next Generation of Architects

Internships are extremely important to TBA Studio’s culture of learning. Our Louisiana archictects view internships as a way to strengthen our profession and the broader architectural community. Our projects have served as a training ground for many students within Louisiana’s university architecture programs. In fact, we’re proud to say that our former interns are some of our best hires. While we view this educational offering as a service, it’s also an investment in future design innovation.

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